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Why are girls attracted towards boys from Hill Stations?

The article is totally based on my personal experience. I am writing here whatever I felt in last 3 years of my Delhi NCR journey. I started working in a Gurgaon-based MNC at a very early age (21) after completing my Engineering. There were around 12 people in my batch who were getting trained for corporate duties. Students from all Northern and Eastern states were part of the team.

It was the first day of our training. All the team members were introducing themselves one by one when a guy sitting at the back said that he was from Mussoorie. Everyone turned to look at him. Then it was my turn to introduce myself and I said that I belonged to Nainital and completed my education from Dehradun. I too got the same reaction from the people like the other guy. We were 3 people from Uttarakhand- 2 boys and a girl from Haldwani. It is often said that our state, Uttarakhand is so small that most people know each other. It was the same with us and we soon found out that we had some common friends amongst the 3 of us.

That day, after the session, the girls began asking us about our hometowns. They wanted to know how it was to be living there and being able to experience the snowfall. They asked me when I would be willing to take them to Nainital.

After the training, when we went for our work, many of the seniors were from Dehradun. A friend of mine from Delhi used to say that why all boys of Dehradun are handsome? Though it sounded funny, but I did enjoy listening to such praise.

Then, I changed the job and shifted to Noida. In my new company, almost half of the people were from Dehradun and besides that there were many people from Himachal and Jammu as well. I was a mentor to a fresher boy from Shimla, whom many people wanted to befriend. Especially the girls from UP and Bihar just wanted to be with him. This created a lot of problem for me as I had the responsibility of his performance.

Finally, one day I asked my colleague about the reason that they were so happy to meet boys from the hill stations. She said that these boys have an innocent face and they speak in a beautiful accent and are calm and handsome. The main thing, she said, is that they don’t behave rudely with women to show that they are superior to them. I started laughing at this and my colleagues from Haryana and Bihar started fighting with her. The one from Haryana lashed back by saying, “Do we have thorns on us then?”

Now I understood the reason why the girls from other states were attracted towards boys from the hills. If my colleague had praised boys from any other state in front of a boy from Uttarakhand or Himachal, they wouldn’t have fought with her. Boys from the hills are not so intolerant that they cannot bear to hear anyone else’s praise. Neither do they use rude and abusive language or take a disadvantage of their physical strength and try to crush the aspirations of women. The incident of my Haryanvi colleague fighting with my female colleague shows that if a girl praises anyone else in front of him, it would not be tolerated by his male ego.

But, to win the heart of any woman, you need to be good natured and need to respect women. This depends a lot on the culture that you belong to. Using a rough language or physical strength, you can only scare a woman to make her quiet but you cannot win their hearts like that.

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Gaurav Singh
Entrepreneur & Writer

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