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Dushyant Singh Raghuvanshi: A Journey from Saharanpur to Super Model

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industry. Thousands of men and women try their luck to become one of the top models, but not all are lucky enough to reach the top. A small town boy Dushyant has reached, in a short span of time, what most strugglers just dream of. Himalayan buzz team got a chance to have a conversation with supermodel Dushyant Singh Raghuvanshi, here are some interesting revelations from the same.

Tell us about your childhood education and family background?

I was born and brought up in Saharanpur.  After completing my schooling from Saharanpur, I moved to Kurukshetra to pursue graduation. There I did my Bachelor’s from Kurukshetra University. Originally my grand parents were from a village near by Chandigarh and only recently did they move to Saharanpur to settle.

When and how did you get your first assignment?

Somewhere I always wanted to be a model, so I was constantly following people who belong to industry. I was in the right direction and I knew that where I had to go. I groomed suitable for the ramp, worked on physique, for a lean body. The first show was when my model friend asked me to audition for India Fashion Week. I got selected there and did two shows for big designers.

Where do you live nowadays?

I live in New Delhi and I do keep travelling all major cities as per requirement.

One thing you miss about your home town while living in New Delhi?

Festivals are what I miss a lot. In my childhood, we used to start celebrating all festivals in one month advance. We used to know who is buying a new TV or car in our neighbourhood. All of us celebrated like a family. Here, I don’t even know who lives in my neighbourhood.

What is your next plan?

I am planning to move to Mumbai to try my luck in acting.

Why are you thinking of becoming an actor though you are on the top in the fashion industry?

Because I want more recognition and want to work for a long time. In India, people working in the fashion sector are not recognised by all. Even if you are a supermodel only the industry people know you or few elites. It is not like Milan or Paris where models are bigger celebrities compared to any small actor. The second reason is I want to see my self on screen and I love to act, even in my school days I used to take part in plays in school.

One thing you want to change about the industry?

I wish I could change the concept of bringing show stoppers from Bollywood. Why we should make our industry inferior to Bollywood? There are designers like Suneet Verma who takes only models as the show stopper.

Who is your favourite designer?

All designers are my favourites, and I am grateful to them for giving me a chance to work with them. Personally, I love Shantanu & Nikhil collection.

You have worked with all major designers, any designer you want to work?

I really want to work for Sabhya Sachi, because I think I will be a great fit for his designs.

What you prefer shoots or show?

Both have their own perks. In shoots we get a good salary for job and ramp shows to give you more exposure, and it feels good to walk on ramps.

Favourite Destination: Beaches

Favourite Color: Red & Black

Favourite Outfit: Suits

Favourite Movie: For a few Dollars

Favourite Actress: Alia Bhatt

Any suggestions for the young boys who are willing to be a model?

My suggestion would be first to realise what exactly you want to do? Don’t rush here and here. There are many people who can manipulate and you’ll end nowhere. The simplest way is to work on yourself click some good pictures and send them to the agency if they will like you they will get back to you.




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