The beautiful Nainital lake that attracts thousands of tourists is in pitiful state. European traveler P. Barron couldn’t help but desired to settle near the Nainital Lake when he saw it for the first time.

The water from the lake used to come up till the road. Now it has gone several feet below the normal level. Heaps of garbage have converted the area into a dumping ground. Trash and silt brought from the seasonal river have caused leaching of the lake. Now the site of the lake is more of a reminder why humans never deserved this earth. The once serene place is now a horrible sight.

Nainital is the prime tourist attractions of India. Every year tourists from all over the world come to see the hill station. Perhaps the new generation doesn’t have any responsible tourists left. They use the aesthetic resource and dump it with their litter and trash. Local tourists from UP, Haryana, and Delhi come every weekend to spend time in Nainital. They not only litter the streets but have started dumping the trash in Nainital Lake.

The overcrowding by tourists is the reason behind the tragic state of Nainital Lake. It is a small town with limited facilities. Housing thousands of tourists and managing their waste is not possible with the limited resources. Water supply for the entire city is getting affected.

The government needs to make strict policies to control the number of tourists flocking to the city. There is need of a ban on littering the Nainital Lake with strict punishment for violators.





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