Ziva is soon going to start going to school. As the paps snap her every cute move and everyone goes gaga, sources reveal that Dhoni has been looking for a house in Dehradun. The cricket star himself has deep association along with wife Sakshi Rawat who completed her schooling in Dehradun.

Nonetheless, it is not solely about their history. Schools of Dehradun are at par with the nation’s best. Amongst any national rankings or surveys, Dehradun schools top the charts.

Unquestionably every parent wants to provide and assure the best for their child. And so is the father inside the cricket champion who has been long looking for a suitable home in Dehradun for the family.

Sakshi did her schooling from Welham Girls School Dehradun. Alumni of the same school are eminent people currently in the nation. Naturally, the mother wants her daughter Ziva to also attend the best school. In fact, Sakshi wants her Ziva to take admission in Welham Girls School.

Reportedly she had uploaded a photo on Instagram asking her friends and followers to suggest a suitable school for Ziva. She gave them three options to choose from including Welham Girl’s School Dehradun and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s D. A. V. School, Ranchi. The third choice kept for Ziva was a boarding school.




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