A blend of cultural diversity, traditional values, delicious food, art and entertainment with the beauty of the valley – The second edition of  Rajpur Nature Festival took place at Christian Retreat Center – Dehradun on 5th to 7th November. The three action-packed event had a lot of fun activities that attracted audience across places. The event included Bird Watching, Heritage Walks, Photo and Art Exhibitions, Puppet Shows, Dances, Music and a lot of fun and frolic events that were well appreciated with a heartwarming response. The festival was organized by the Rajpur Community in association with the Eco-Tourism Wing of the Forest Department in order to pay an effort to make the community realize the importance of preserving and promoting the culture and diversity of the place.

The Heritage walks talking about Dehradun and the region in the outskirts of the city introduced people to unseen places and their importance in the cultural heritage of the city.


Exhibition of Photography, Art, and Craft by numerous photographers, business owners, and self-help groups was a treat to visit.


Puppetry Workshop and shows by Master Puppeteer Mr. Ramlal Bhatt and demonstration of food by Master chef Rahul Wali played an impact in changing people’s vision by introducing them to new innovations and ideas

puppetStand Up comedy, Poetry, Open Mic Sessions, Discussions on preserving the heritage of Rajpur by intellectuals and screening of various films, was a major source of entertainment and knowledge.

Community dances like Durga Dance by Purkul Educational Society, Ladakhi Dance by Tibetan Community and Sakya Monastery, Sikh Martial Art, and dances on a number of issues by local children moderated by Mr. Tamang were performed entertained the audience, gaining a heartwarming response. The Bajaj School of learning performed the Indian National Anthem with specially-abled kids.


Live Performances by wonderful artists and bands from the city including performers like Swayambhu, Cardamom, Vibranium, Dehradun Hill Harmonic Choir, Pankaj Sati, Auchitya, Abhinav Nautiyal and a lot more made the audience groove to their tunes.





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