Common Peacock Butterfly is presently a standout amongst the most vital and discussed species and presumably, this is the first occasion when a butterfly has earned an extraordinary place among the national warm-blooded animals. This butterfly is called Common Peacock since it reproduces the shades of a peacock's quill in its wings and it is as delightful as a peacock.

This butterfly is truly particular and despite the fact that it is for the most part found in Uttarakhand yet can likewise be followed in states like Punjab, Himachal, Kashmir, Arunachal.

However, it is particular in Uttarakhand as the state is a land of 500 diverse kinds of butterflies among which this one is the most acclaimed butterfly.

In the year 1996, Limca book of record title was assigned to the most wonderful butterfly of that time.

With an intention to save the species, the title of "State Butterfly Of UttaraKhand" was granted by the State Board of Wildlife, Uttarakhand on a session held this Monday and we are very resolved to safeguard this excellent animal and its successors.




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