Uttarakhand is the land of beauty and has been blessed with the world’s most exquisite aesthetic sites. Film sets, school education, colleges, youth group and everything about Uttarakhand is beyond the best. This is so because the people here have managed to guard their morals and culture against the influence of destructive modernisation. Undoubtedly Uttarakhand habitants are reaching to the sky yet they are still not detached from their roots.
Photographers, singers, educated elites from Uttarakhand are discussed more often than the chefs from the state. However, the chefs from Uttarakhand are the most invincible when it comes to their skills and experience at cooking.

Top 10 reasons for Uttarakhand chefs being the best in the world and for their expertise at the job:
1. Culinary skills of Uttarakhand chefs
Just like any other talent culinary skills of Uttarakhand’s chefs are unbeatable. The reason for this is because Uttarakhand has a juxtaposition of the most modern minds and groundbreaking heritage. The most path-breaking career options are being promoted by the Uttarakhand Government using state funds. This is why the youth is not doubtful about taking any path and following their heart to become a chef and not a doctor or engineer. Most of them are from small villages that have nothing in name of infrastructural development and yet they are better than any other cook.

2. Authentic flavors and secret recipes by Uttarakhand chefs
Uttarakhand has been a mystical land with the biggest and marvelous revelations to make and make the world awe. The authentic recipes have been passed for generations and are still loved by everyone around the world. These secret recipes give Uttarakhand chefs an upper hand over the others.

3. Hospitality skills of Uttarakhand’s chief are heart warming
Uttarakhand is known for the politeness and mannerisms that prevail in the citizens. This hospitality and the remarkable character of never getting even a frown when things heat up make Uttarakhand chef’s startups run better than hotels standing for years. They can make people feel home when they are around and hence people come again and again to their restaurants or to the ones where Uttarakhand chefs are employed.

4. Hard work and diligence for their job is the most admirable characteristic of Uttarakhand chefs
Uttarakhand chefs are the most hardworking chefs on the globe. They are the ones who have invented the most eye-catching food decoration and garnishing options. They can make look any dish look as beautiful as the state of Uttarakhand. And just like anyone from Uttarakhand they don’t put giving up as an option. Grinding hard brings them to the ultimate rank in the list of world’s chefs.

5. Adaptability to any setting makes Uttarakhand chefs pro
People from Uttarakhand can get into the hearts of everyone and they have big hearts too. They can adapt to any setting and any place and hence can go anywhere in the world and hoist the Uttarakhand’s flag of excellence. Uttarakhand chefs are chefs in five stars and seven stars around the world in places such as Dubai and the even United States of America. Japan has been flooded with more than 240 chefs from Uttarakhand who are high on success in serving the flavors of India to the most peaceful country.

6. Giving the unique Uttarakhand touch to everything makes Uttarakhand chefs beat Michelin star chefs.
Uttarakhand has an unexplainable attractive vibe and this unique Uttarakhand touch is in everything from Uttarakhand. The people, the places, the food and so for the chefs. And when this unique Uttarakhand touch is added with loads of love to the food then no one can stand in front of Uttarakhand chefs.

7. Uttarakhand chefs have the skills for renovating the most traditional dishes
Not only as international chefs but even the small owners have been recreating the most popular old recipes into a more healthier version. The traditional Manduwa or the kebabs have been renovated and turned into healthy recipes which have made them top the menu charts. The Uttarakhand chef’s recipes are the most appealing for the foodies and even for fitness freaks.

8. Uttarakhand chefs are making Uttarakhand shine out in the world.
When you are an honest soul destiny favors you. Even though Uttarakhand chefs are loved and hailed around the world they aren’t detached from their land. Whenever and wherever they get a chance they bring up their home land’s name and make the tiny state shine bigger than the continents. This is how they don’t get lost in the crowd and are known by their real identity.

9. Uttarakhand’s chef’s inherent honesty and devotion make them learn and master the art.
Uttarakhand has been a land that has landlocked the best and most precious of everything. Even today some of the most ancient temples stand tall in the state as they were back in the olden era. This spirit is mixed in the air of Uttarakhand and so every person from Uttarakhand is a humble and devoted soul. This same devotion is displayed by them at their workplace making it their temple, no matter even if cooking is a cakewalk for them. This makes Uttarakhand chefs be the outstanding cooks around the world.

10. Uttarakhand has a cosmopolitan food habit and so Uttarakhand’s chefs are good at all cuisines.
Uttarakhand has had many fire spirited clans who had a different way of leading lives. When it came to the food they do not lag behind and have the most diverse menu on the spread. They feast on both vegetarian and nonvegetarian recipes. Hence the chefs from Uttarakhand to know and ace both the cuisines. This is why they are the most wanted chefs around the world with a major population of nonvegetarians.

More and more youngsters want to take up hotel management and other such unexplored career pathways. Around 12,000 Uttarakhand villagers from Bagar, Badyar, Sarpoli, Tehri and Pangriyana are employed as chefs and head chefs around the world.
Some of them even have their own food outlets which are as popular as any another native restaurant chain of the foreign land. Jyoti Curry situated in Tokyo and Spice Kingdom restaurant running in Osaka are few names. Uttarakhand chefs Bhagat Singh and Negi are world famous and have served the aristocrats around the world.




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