Kushagra Nautiyal made his acting debut on Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya. Before stepping into acting Kushagra was a promising singer & music composer. Himalayan Buzz Team recently interviewed him.

Tell us about your childhood & Education?

As a kid, I was more on the creative side rather than studies. Was always participating in drawing competitions, later on, ventured to dance performances. I was one of those chubby little kids who were kind of introverts and are lost in their own world. More than textbooks I was into comics and video games. So I did my schooling at Delhi, St CPS Vikaspuri, where I pretty much grew up, and later on went to pursue my graduation from the Institute of Hotel Management Kufri, Shimla(Pusa University).

When did you decide to be an actor?

I think somewhere inside I always wanted to be an actor and my self-doubt kept me away from realizing my dream. I think somewhere between acting and directing music videos, I realized I want to be a full-time actor.

How did you get a chance to work in Kumkum Bhagya?

Well, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to audition for the role of Sidharth Kohli. That’s how the story started.

Why did you choose to start your acting career with Kumkum Bhagya only?

Because it is one of the finest daily soaps that are aired at prime time, and I always wanted to kickstart my career with such a great platform.

You are a singer & composer as well. So have you decided to leave music?

I’ll always be a musician. I have some plans to launch my originals which I have crafted over the last year. Let’s see, fingers crossed.

You have worked in Pahadi Music Video. What do you think of Garhwali Music?

I think the Garhwali industry has a plethora of unmatched talent which the world really needs to know and hear. My input was and will always be to be that one bridge that connects it to the world with my modern influences.

What is your next plan?

To be a better actor every day and to tap my diet.

Who is your favorite actor & why?

I don’t have any specific name. I learn and admire from a lot of actors that I see on the screen because I think acting as a craft depends majorly on the story and director. So what you see on the screen is the teamwork of the three and not just the actor.





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