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Virat And Anushka Arrive For New Year Holidays At Dehradun

Anushka Shrama & Virat Kohli in Dehradun for New Year Holidays

India's hottest celebrity couple Virat and Anushka have always kept their relationship under covers. They have been seen together in various exotic locations. But they have never validated their personal relationship truths.

Even after the World Cup trolling the rumored pair did not part ways under societal pressure. This if the truth is the old style kind of romantic couple, a cricket star and a bollywood diva. They both have a long trail of fans awaiting their official announcement of them being together. Only if the female fans can get over Kohli's charm to let Anushka have him for  life!!

Recently they were seen arriving at the Jolly Grant airport at the state capital of Uttarakhand. Smitten by the cricket and bollywood star couple's presence fans tried getting Selfies and autographs. However Anushka and Kohli kept everything personal and avoided the lime light. Like everytime Virat took the lead to disperse media and fans and clear Anushka's path.

Virat was seen guiding and shielding his gossiped beau Anushka. Then both headed for their hotel. They have chosen  the Ananda Hotel, Narendra Nagar, Dehradun for their stay.

They both came to Dehradun, Uttarakhand in a private jet. They supposedly have come here to spend their holidays away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan. May be they have decided to celebrate Anushka's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil uproarious success. The movie was based on one sided love. While Anushka hails from Uttarakhand, Virat too agreed with her for the destination. Dehradun’s beauty has got exotic lovebirds stay in the country for Christmas.



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