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Uttarakhand’s bold actress Disha Patani slams trollers

Recently Disha Patani has been the buzz of Bollywood town because of her cleavage revealing thigh-high slit dress. The Nicholas Jebran dress invited both praises and criticisms for Disha. However, the girl did not succumb to any narrow-minded criticism and rather slammed the trollers with a single twitter post. The 62nd Jio Filmfare Awards was so out of any substantial award that all the attention went to an actress’s dress and a guy ogling her private parts.
Disha has been exemplary for showing that feminity and feebleness are two different things. She is the MS Dhoni actress who is known for her cute looks. And with that, she houses a fiery personality in an envious figure.
The entire incident was that while Disha Patani was interacting with the host Kapil Sharma a man was seen making sheep’s eyes at her cleavage. Soon the entire social media was flooded with posts trolling Disha for wearing such an outfit. Videos highlighting the man’s lecherous gaze were edited and crafted to make them more controversial. Conservative sections of the society blamed her for being the reason why India is not able to safeguard the culture and traditions. Though some posts lambasted the lascivious gaze of the man. However, most of them added on lewd comments and tags to the viral video and displayed their pea sized minds.
The Uttarakhand actress who was concurrently being rumored for being Tiger Shroff’s girlfriend did not shed a tear or say anything for getting an acceptance. She only made a single comeback with a sally.
She posted a well-scripted cutting retort to all her haters talking about how disgraceful their mentalities are. She went further to say that nor she neither any other modern day Indian girl is going to change herself to fit the stereotypical definition of an ‘Indian girl’. She also thanked her fans and followers and her family for being her back and giving their never ending support. A vast number of the Twitterati are hailing Disha Patani for giving such an unflinching riposte.
It’s only the public humiliation these young actresses have been going through in bits and pieces since years that is going to fruit a liberal India. It is sad that instead of talking about how beautiful her face looked or how rapidly she is scaling heights despite being an outsider, all they had was trolls and memes.



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