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Uttarakhand Young Achievers Awards : Nominations Open

The Uttarakhand Achievers Awards celebrates the people of Uttarakhand and their success. Every major sector has people from Uttarakhand doing wonders. Quite a number of them did not live the avowed youth period due to lack of acknowledgment. HimalayanBuzz aims at creating a platform that would enable the diligent Uttarakhand’s people to get better opportunities and inspire others. There will be nominations of Achievers in different categories.

Objectives of the Award
1. Acknowledge & highlight the achievements of Uttarakhandis.
2. Educate the general public with examples of achievements by Uttarakhandis.
3. Encourage & motivate young Uttarakhandis at all levels in their chosen fields of endeavor.
4. Develop a sense of pride in being Uttarakhandi.
5. Encourage youngsters to work in their own state.
6. Create a positive environment in the state to stop migration.
7. Develop and encourage leadership and life skills in young Uttarakhandis.
8. Provide the role models & mentors for our youth by highlighting their achievements and pursuit of excellence.

The Uttarakhand Young Achievers Awards 2018 will conclude with the Gala Presentation night. Our team will be working relentlessly for over a period to publicize the event and help you make the most of the branding opportunity.

We have tried to include categories covering all working groups. Nonetheless, we are open to negotiations for any new category that would suit your field. You can suggest any other categories or changes in existing categories, judging criteria etc to reach to the right sect of choice.
1. Education – Youth working to educate different sections of society and making significant contributions to the sector will be considered.
2. Sports – Taking the state to national and international levels in the field and turning out victorious in any sports of choice are eligible.
3. Media – Young Uttarakhandis involved in mass media and communication who have made their mark by achieving in a short period of work will be awarded in this category.
4. Social Service – Activists part of noble social work, not one but for much such welfares causes away from the limelight will be honored from the nominees.
5. Leadership – Possessing extraordinary leadership qualities and having proved it, this category would award such young figurehead.
6. Politics – Young political members that have been a pioneer in representing the youth in governing bodies are the target group to be awarded in this category.
7. Art – The young propeller of traditional art and craft who has contributed to the survival of the ancient art will receive the award in the list.
8. Music – Singer, lyricist, or composer with incomparable contributions in the field of music from Uttarakhand will be the awardee.
9. Culture – Those who have preserved the roots of Uttarakhandi culture and showcased it in the current era will be the ones judged in this group.
10. Fashion – One of the most trending and indispensable filed, Fashion, will see an exemplary model, designer or any other young fashion industry worker amongst the other Young Achievers.
11. Entertainment – Other sections of the recreation industry such as comedians, comic artists or any other unheard profile in the entertainment sector will come under this category.
12. Hospitality – Café, Lounge, and Hotel proving to be a boon for the tourism of the state and raising the bar of hospitality will be awarded for it.
13. Entrepreneur – Young IT professionals with exceptional skills that have contributed to the development of Uttarakhand will be the nominated.
14.  Health & Fitness

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