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Tyre Boss Permanent Puncture Protection now available in Dehradun

If you love to go long drives without worrying about puncturing your tyre, you have a solution in your own city Dehradun. Shri Guru Vinayak Trading company has come up with the world’s most advanced puncture protection system ‘Tyre Boss Puncture Sealant’. It is processed with the accurate formulation of required ingredients under suitable conditions. Especially used for sealing puncture of tyres of various automotive vehicles, the offered sealant is highly admired in the market.

The world’s Most advanced puncture protection system
Tyre Boss is a mono propylene base, engineered and produced in two formulas, Heavy Duty, and High Speed. Once professionally installed, tyre Boss will provide permanent puncture protection for the entire life of the tyre. Tyre Boss sealant safety has been approved and it is classified as non-hazardous and eco–friendly.

How does Tyre Protector work?
Tyre boss is applied via the tyre stem or directly into the tyre when mounted on the rim. As the tyre rotates, the base is evenly distributed forming a protective barrier inside the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the base instantly seals the hole and creates a permanent seal. This protective action is guaranteed throughout the life of the tyre.

Vehicle Running on the Tyre Boss
Tyre Boss may be installed on any radial or bias tubeless tyre and is currently in use around the world in the following types of vehicles.
• Mining
• Construction
• Earthmover
• Agricultural (Tractors, Harvesters and Implements)
• Industrial
• Cargo Trucks
• Trailers and Buses
• Ambulance
• Fire and Police
• Military and government
• Security and Armoured Vehicle
• ATV & Quad Bikes

The Benefits of Using Tyre Boss
• Environmentally Safe- The ingredients in Tyre Boss are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.
• ISO9001-2008 Product- Tyre Boss is at the forefront of quality service and customers care.
• Reduce Vehicle Downtime- Tyre Boss Keeps vehicle running even after the puncture, redusing the downtime of your vehicle.
•Reduced Fuel Cost- Tyre under inflation causes increased rolling resistance which significantly reduces fuel economy. Tyre Boss helps maintain the correct air pressure, thereby maximizing fuel economy and saving you money on every kilometer that you drive.
• Helps Maintain constant air pressure- Tyres can experience slow air loss visa punctures, damage to the tyre, wheel or rim or even “Tyre Porosity”. Tyre Boss prevents air-loss by immediately sealing punctures or damage in the tread area.
• Improves safety Conditions- Tyre Boss has been approved and accredited for use in underground mining where safety requirements are considered to be the highest in the country.


Where can you get Tyre Boss in Uttarakhand?
Shri Guru Vinayak Trading Co is authorized C&F for Uttarakhand and West Uttar Pradesh. You can use the contact details to get your tyre lifetime puncture protection.

Address – Sewla Kala Chowk, Near Keshav Hospital, GMS Road, Dehradun
Ph- 96343-49954, 98375-30556, 90454-97312



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