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The Big Daddy Event Co : Story of Building the Best Wedding Event Company in Dehradun

Indian weddings have no parallel in the entire world. The industry is ever growing, darn profitable and undoubtedly thrilling to work in. Duo Mohit Rayal and Ravi Goyal very well knew the perks and skills of wedding and associated events. Ravi and Mohit met at an event and came up with the idea of starting a new company venturing into wedding planning. Gradually they built an empire from their startup and today their Big Daddy Event Company stands unrivaled in the entire city of Dehradun. When it comes to weddings, Indians leave no stone unturned to shake their budgets beyond the boundaries. Everyone in Doon dreams of their wedding day at Big Daddy Event Co.

Mohit was always interested in event management since childhood. He started off early during his college days, professionally taking up event management. The enthusiasm for event management was such that he started off a company along with his friends back then. Alongside he continued his formal education in BCA and MCA.

Like every other struggle period story, Mohit too had his share of odds in his dream project. Soon after graduation, his partners in the company left for other jobs and his first company didn’t flourish.

Stubborn heart Mohit didn’t give up his passion for the obstacles. Instead, he continued to look for a way to fulfill the dream of making his event management company the ultimate brand. And that’s how he met Ravi while trying to make things work.

Ravi was born and brought up basically in Mumbai. Just like his teammate, he too stepped in the fashion industry at a very tender age. He worked in Mumbai as a model coordinator and organizer. He has worked for many designers in solo shows.

In the year 2013, Ravi shifted to Dehradun along with his family. There he joined a local company. Work ethics and personal standards of work made him quit the company pretty soon. And the big turn came in 2015 when Mohit and Ravi laid the foundation of Big Daddy Event Company.

Initially, the company only took up to cooperate formal events. Mohit says that they were a little nervous about taking up wedding organization as it involves a lot of emotional attachment and significance. A slight mistake can take up an ugly turn and ruin a one-time event in someone’s life. Soon their inertia vanished and they started taking wedding events too. And in no time, the entire city knows weddings by a second name – Big Daddy Event Co.

Big Daddy is famous for its creative themes. The use of props like flowers, mirrors, and lights can be learned from just being at an event held by them. Dehradun and Mussoorie’s 5 star and 4-star hotels have collaborated with them.

They plan to see themselves moving out of Dehradun and expanding their business reach across the country as destiny favors!



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