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Suraj Prasad : Aim for the Stars

‘When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference that what you are, anything that your heart desires will come to you.’ The story of this young lad from Dehradun aptly justifies the quote. He started working on his dream from a very young age and achieved his goals by sheer hard work and determination. He is still vying to achieve even greater heights. His achievements have made him proud and given hope and inspiration to the youth of the state.

First of all, I would like to know about your childhood, family and education? Where were you born and brought up and what are you doing nowadays?

As you know “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." 
I am from Dehradun. I studied in Alakshaya public school, Khatima till the 8th standard. After that,  I completed the rest of my education till the 12th standard from 'Doon Cambridge School', Dehradun. I was an average student in school and a good swimmer as well. My friends often used to suggest me to consider going into modeling. One day while I was lazily scrolling through my Facebook news feed, my childhood friend Prachi Bisht informed me about an audition for Mr/Miss Hottest personality of Uttarakhand 2016. Initially, I just refused right away to even give it a try as I was completely naïve about modelling. However, I gave the auditions later and was selected. I completed my 12th and now I am pursuing BBALLB (law) from Law College, Dehradun. So here I am now doing modelling. I took part in many events and won 3 subtitles as well.


How long  have you been active in modelling and how was your journey?  Who has inspired you the most to become a model?

I started modelling from January 2016. My friends and my family have been my inspiration . When I was in school I used to try walking like a model and people used to mock me which made me feel sad. That is when I decided that one day I will show them what I am truly capable of. Now I am a professional model of Uttarakhand. I have stuck to one rule all my life which is to always keep learning from everyone.

You have won three subtitles but no title yet. What do you think…is it a matter of fate or do you lack something to hold the title?

I bagged 3 subtitles. Two titles in Mr/ Miss hottest personality of UK – Mr Most talented and Mr Most fashionable. I am very thankful to my choreographer, Miss Aakhansha Chettri. And the third title in Mr Dehra is Mr Personality. I have put in a lot of hard work and I am always punctual. I always ask those I work with to let me know what are the faults in me that are keeping me from winning the title and how can I improve myself. I won all these subtitles as a result of my hard work and I believe that I do deserve it.


Have you taken a professional training in modelling?

Yes. While I was with the Indian film and Television Academy I took 15 days training and then after January 2016 I went for auditions of Mr/Miss hottest personality of UK. I am very thankful to my choreographer who helped me in becoming a professional model. I took grooming classes for 4 months from Jan to April and then after Mr Dehra, I took 10 days of grooming classes. Modelling is my first priority and I always try to give my 100 percent to it. We should always strive to do our best and at the same time, keep learning and enjoying every moment.

Who is your favourite model?

My favourite model is Mr India Rohit Khandelwal. I am working hard as I too want to win the Mr India title like him.

What are your future plans? Are you thinking about stepping into acting too?

As far as my future plans are concerned, I want to become eminent Advocate. And yes, I am thinking about stepping into acting too. Lastly, I would like to say that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. These are the biggest lessons of life. So, keep learning and be a good human being first.





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