If Shimla can have low floor buses, why not Dehradun?
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If Shimla can have low floor buses, why not Dehradun?

Incompetent transportation facility is one of the major problems in the hilly town of Dehradun. The intra-city transportation is ineffective and even the existing means of transport needs a lot of renewal. The same is true for intercity transport and this gets in the way of the connectivity between Dehradun and other nearby places. Local inhabitants not having their own vehicle have to face relentless problems while traveling inside the city.

For traveling in the city people have to rely on private mini city buses, Vikram, and autos. Fare of auto is much higher as compared to Delhi NCR and everybody cannot afford it. Children, women and senior citizens and all others have no option other than to travel in old city buses and Vikram. Being a hilly town Dehradun doesn’t have wide roads, due to old fashioned noisy Vikram, there is always a traffic jam situation in all busy areas of the town. This not only ruins the beauty of the city but also is a big noise pollution problem without a much justifiable cause.

Driving in a hilly region requires utmost skill, attentiveness, and patience. Drivers of private city buses drive roughly and it causes several accidents on daily basis. Drivers and conductors of these buses are migrants from neighboring states and their behavior is violent and abusive which is offensive for the native peaceful people of the Uttarakhand. Often it has been seen they are harassing women and misbehaving with senior citizens. Citizens of the city are suffering but authorities are still to awake from their deep sleep of ignorance.

Under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission 69 cities of India got low floor buses to improve public transportation facilities. Dehradun got buses under the scheme too but Uttarakhand Transport Ministry facilitated those buses as intercity between Dehradun – Haridwar, and Dehradun- Rishikesh.

The government isn’t improving transportation facilities nor do they seem to do so in near future. The government has bent many times in front of vote bank politics. Once the authorities wanted to shut down Vikram service and replace it with light and less noisy Tata magic but they dropped the plan after facing huge opposition by the Vikram Union. Politicians bowed down in front of the resistance of the union and people are suffering till date.

If we talk about the capital of sister state Himachal Pradesh Shimla, it has planned public transportation despite being a city situated on high mountain peaks. 50-60 % area of Dehradun comes under plain region while Shimla is totally a hilly town. So if Shimla can have low floor buses why not Dehradun?

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and seemingly the most influential state with the highest rate of progress and development. Such negligence towards Dehradun transport services is unacceptable and irrational when a hilly town like Shimla have advanced with low floor buses and much more.



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