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Puneet Gandhi : The Founder of WINGS

Dehradun boy Puneet Gandhi started NGO WINGS with an aim to make a global network of youth working together to make a sustainable and better society. He founded it in Dehradun and now it has reached the cities like Jodhpur. Let's have a quick chat with Puneet and know about his journey of Wings.

You are engaged in social service from quite a young age. Who do you think has kindled the sense of humanity inside you?

Yes, when I was in the 9th standard, I started working with an NGO namely " People for Animals". I have worked for several other organizations thereafter, and in a Social Welfare Startup as well, known as "planetofgrowth.com".

What I have felt is that there are many problems in our society which seriously demand a solution. But, we the common people, instead of finding out the solutions remain busy in discussing the problems over and over which ultimately results in a sheer waste of time. This has enticed me to form an organization to render social service.

Now you have started your own NGO. Tell us something about its route. Who/what has motivated you?

During the first year of my college life, I got selected for AIESEC. Then I came to know that an official organization was very much necessary to create an impact on the larger number of people. I realized that through an organization, it would be easier for us to reach more and more people across the globe. It is only then that the level of the humanity could be raised. Then we would be able to provide good health and better education for all. Keeping this in mind, I gathered some of the real enthusiasts to form a group and created WINGS in 2015.

Aditi Joshi being an engineering student has worked in the red light areas of Mumbai.

Ujjwal Pachori has done a brilliant job by providing several NGOs a digital platform. In this age of technological advancement, this attempt has really helped them expand their area of social outreach.

Kamalesh Godara has initiated a campaign named LADLI which has become quite successful in Jodhpur and will soon be started in Dehradun as well.

Does the name of your NGO signify anything special?

WINGS stands for "World Integrated network Of Growth Supporters". Our main vision was to establish a network between the youth across the Globe working towards certain goals. This is why WINGS is widening its range of outreach and within a few days, WINGS will be reaching overseas.

Our main objective was to provide the commoners a good health and hygiene by engendering good habits in them. We realized that making toilets and donating sanitary napkins to the women would not help much. They should be educated first and made aware of the importance of sanitization Our journey was commenced from the slums and gradually and continued to the local schools and local people across.

Tell me something about your childhood and education, about your family background.

I started my schooling in Cambrian Hall, Dehradun and completed from SGRR Raja Road. At present I am pursuing B.com honors from Graphic Era University I am born and brought up in a middle-class family. My father is a businessman and my mother is a leader of BJP.

Do you think whatever government doing for sanitation and women empowerment isn’t enough and common people don’t have any responsibility towards sanitation?

I think Government has started a very good campaign i.e "Swach Bharat Abhiyan" but if I venture deep into it, It’s not becoming as effective as it is supposed to be. The toilets build by the government are still not sanitized properly, they are still unhygienic. Nothing has been changed. If I talk about waste it’s still not decomposed properly. We still haven't thought of any master plan of putrefying the wastes properly and how to use organic waste and increase profit out of it.

What is your plan to make common people aware of sanitation?

We have already started our campaign towards sanitation we are visiting the schools and checking their toilets. Besides,we are educating the staffs and the students of the schools to keep the toilets clean,in their schools as well as in their homes.

What do you think, distinguishes WINGS from the other NGOs?

My answer to this question would be brisk. WINGS is not looking forward to winning awards or huge publicity. There are some of the problems which need serious deliberation to get changed. We don't generate any comparison or competition. We have respect for all the other organizations and will be happy to partner  with other organizations.




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