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Miss Uttarakhand 2020: Sub Contest Winners

Miss Uttarakhand 2020: Sub Contest Winners

So we finally have the list of subtitle winners of Himalayan Buzz Sportsfit by M.S. Dhoni Miss Uttarakhand 2020. A total of 19 sub-titles were given to the boys on 12th January at Grand Finale of Miss Uttarakhand 2020 (

Miss Talented – Tripti Dabral & Deepika Farswan

Miss Bollywood- Shrishti Bisht

Miss Fashion Icon- Kamakshi Kapil

Miss Vivacious- Garima Choudhary

Miss Popular- Tripti Dabral

Miss Ramp walk- Chery Saxena

Miss Body Beautiful- Bipasha Rathore

Miss Refreshing Beauty- Sonal Bakshi

Miss Glowing Skin- Khushboo Negi

Miss Vibrant- Swarnima Sharma

Miss Media Choice- Kashish Chopra

Miss Intellectual- Kritika & Anmol Arora

Miss Spectacular Eyes- Monal Raj Bisht

Miss Lifestyle- Shivani Bora

Miss Active- Shefali Rawat

Miss Congeniality- Nayan Pasbola

Miss Beautiful Smile- Aditi Rawat

Miss Photogenic- Anchal

Miss Rising Star- Tanuja Dumka

Miss Sports fit- Himsuta Gaurh

Miss Ministry of Club-Ankita Sharma

Miss Beautiful Hair- Priyanka Rawat

Himalayan Buzz Miss Uttarakhand is the official and most prestigious beauty pageant in Uttarakhand and North India. Himalayan Buzz is a Media Agency & a leading Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle company with offices in Noida and Dehradun.



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  1. Kindly correct the title of Nayan Pasbola… It’s not basbola it’s Pasbola. I think you have enough documentation of event, just validate your data from there… Don’t change the identity of any person.

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