Meghna Bagga: Proving Age is Just a Number
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Meghna Bagga: Proving Age is Just a Number

Meghna Bagga is Delhi based Model signed up with Runway Fashion Management. She decided to start her modeling journey at the age when people think models do get retired. She is proving age really doesn’t matter dedication & passion do.

How was I discovered?

I came across Runway Grooming School’s Instagram page and randomly enrolled myself in their online classes. The classes groomed us in terms of Wardrobe management, makeup & skincare routines, fitness & mental health, diet & nutrition, etc. Then I enrolled for their offline classes, which included Industry knowledge, Sessions by faculties who have established n renowned names in the fashion industry, photoshoots & video-shoot, and a Final assessment. After my final assessment Runway, Fashion Management signed me as a Model and I have had an amazing experience being with the runway as they are thorough professionals, have taught me a lot about this industry, and have an amazing team. I have been fortunate enough to have met amazing people in runway fashion Management and Thank Mr. Swagat Ranjan Sir for this opportunity.

Best modeling experience so far?

My first concept shoot with Runway Fashion Management. Whether it was the photographer or the stylist who gave their 100% or the designer that made sure to make me look my best, the experience is fresh even today.
Currently, you‘re obsessed with/about: Working hard to achieve my dream of becoming a Fashion Icon

What is your favorite brand?


What is something you have always wanted to do/try?

Become a model so I guess I am going to try hard to do that

How do you want to make an impact in the world?

By inspiring other women through my journey of being pulled down, demotivated, made to believe that I am not worthy, I am ugly, fat, dusky, don’t have the persona to achieve my dreams, etc. that no matter what people say, think or make an opinion about u, always strive to achieve what u believe in and what u truly want and be deaf to the world

What’s the best piece of advice you‘ve been given?

My father always says “be true to yourself & others in whatever u do”



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