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An Interview with Vivek Chaudhary, Mr Uttarakhand 2018

Young, suave and handsome Vivek Chaudhary from Roorkee won Mr. Uttarakhand 2018 Worldwide. Recently we got a chance to have a talk with Mr. Uttarakhand 2018 about the contest and his success mantra. Here are all the candid details you can’t miss out.

First of all, hearty congratulations for winning Mr. Uttarakhand 2018 worldwide. How do you feel to be the face of Uttarakhandi community all over the world?
Thank you. I am blessed and happy that I won the contest and truly believe that destiny has something planned for everyone. I haven’t ever received so much of love and affection.

Tell us about your childhood, education and family background?
I was born and brought up in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. After completing schooling from D.A.V Intercollege, I graduated with BSc degree from the same college. Currently, I am pursuing MSc in Environmental Science from Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar.
As a science student with no pre-conceived ideas for modeling, I knew it’d be tough. The family background had my dad who is a businessman and my lovely mom, a homemaker. My small family has 5 members dad, mom, elder brother and sister and me.

How has your journey been with Himalayan Buzz’s Mr. India Uttarakhand?
The entire team prepares you for the event. You need to have the presence of mind and be confident about your body. The entire experience pushes you to learn. HimalayanBuzz team felt like a family and have cherished memories.

How did your mother support you and enable you to rest here? Who has been your inspiration and motivation?
She was a tower of strength and by far the greatest influence in my life. I want to dedicate this victory to her. Utmost determination and work ethic coming from my mother was my guiding star. It would never be possible without her. She is a homemaker and I’m a proud son.

You can be honest about it, did you expect to win the pageant?
Yes, I did. I was confident. There was no strategy involved I knew if it was going to happen then it will happen.
All the finalists attended grooming sessions together for more than 10 days. How was the bonding with other boys?
Meeting different people from different backgrounds and the same aim is thrilling. We all were chasing a common dream and had a great bonding united by passion. I totally enjoyed the journey. The grooming sessions were my favorite part of the journey.

Who was your biggest competition in the Mr. Uttarakhand pageant?
All were good but Mr. Ayush Singh was more experienced than others. I liked his walk and style. So, yeah you can say he was kind of my biggest competition. I felt he started off better.

You won subtitle as well – Mr. Congeniality, how do you justify this subtitle?
I always believe in a saying “Love to All, Trust a few and Wrong To None”. Being quite friendly and amiable I did deserve it. Perhaps the judges thought and observed the same!!

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?
I think they were looking for the confident one. Actually, I don’t think I can’t comment much on this because their discretion is above all. But I am lucky that they connected with me and gave me a chance to rise above all.

Lastly, would you like to send any message for the readers?
Thanks for supporting me and an advice to all the aspiring models that believe in yourselves! Just follow your heart and you will be there. Frequently heard lines of self-belief are actually true.
I read somewhere “Do it for the people who want to see u loose”. But I always believe in doing it for the people who want to see me win. Positive vibes to you all!



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