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In a conversation with India’s Strongman Aman Vohra

When you truly desire for something the whole universe conspires for you to get it. Even the limitations and obstacles fail to stop your path. Dehradun’s Aman Vohra, winner of Strong Man India Championship who represented the country on the international platform has personified this adage. Himalayan Buzz team got a chance to interact with the champion and here are few interesting details about him from the talk.

We would like to know about your childhood, education and did you always want to be a fitness athlete?

I was born in Dehradun and did my schooling from Dehradun only. In my childhood, I wanted to join the Army. After 12th, I cleared the NDA entrance exam but due to some reason, I couldn’t go for SSB so the dream remained unfulfilled.

When did you develop an interest in fitness?

My parents didn’t allow me to go outside of the city. We have a family business over here in Dehradun and I started working with my father. But somewhere inside I always wanted to do something different, I wanted to make my own identity. That desire dragged me to the gym. I started doing workout regularly and my body started building up. People around suggested me to participate in powerlifting championship. Eventually, I did participate in powerlifting. First I won the Uttarakhand state level championship and then national international.

Did you ever try modeling?

Yes, I did, not because I wanted to be a model but just because I wanted to do something interesting apart from my business life. I won Mr. Uttarakhand pageant as well. But I have always been into sports, in school I used to participate in cycling, running and I was the PT head as well. So, I was always inclined more towards sports.

How’s the feeling when you represent your country on international platforms?

I have represented India once in Hongkong and twice in Finland and its such an amazing feeling. At that platform, they don’t call you by your name they call you India. You are the face of your country. Nothing is more satisfactory for me than being the face of my country.

Health sports aren’t well recognized as much as cricket of football is, don’t you feel government should do something?

Yes, I do but I know the government will not at least in Uttarakhand. Government officials don’t even know nor they want to know that such kind of sports exists. Even personally I tried many times with sports minister of Uttarakhand but never got any positive response. We also do hard work, we also take physical risks even more than any other sports, but it makes me sad when I see there is no support from government for us unlike other sports.

Don’t you think in society boys who couldn’t do anything in their life and have plenty of time to waste, join gyms and then they disregard other professions?

See fitness is important for everyone. In my gym, as we have many clients who are doctors, engineers, IAS and PCs officers, businessmen who work 12-16 hours a day, they come to the gym to keep them fit stress-free and fit. I am not saying everybody should become body builder but we should be fit always for ourselves.

What about ‘Tum Nahi Samjhoge’ type self-boasting lines? We never saw Abdul Kalam saying ‘Tum Nahi Samjhoge’ how I became a scientist or PM Modi saying such kind of things..millions of officers, engineers and doctors working day and night to contribute in nation’s economy never disrespect other professions as gym goers do. Why?

Actually, it happens due to lack of education, not all gym freaks are like this but yes some uneducated people are like this. They should understand the whole world cannot spend 4-5 hours in the gym and sleep a full day. They are working in other fields which are more challenging and stressful compared to going to the gym.

Any suggestion for readers?

Nothing much I just want to urge them to do 30 minutes yoga or workout daily at least and be fit.



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