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Himalayan Buzz Institute of Event Management | Registration Open

Himalayan Buzz Institute of Event Management is offering a 6 Months Diploma Course in Event Management to cater Event industry with skilled professionals.

Why Event Management?

Your life will never be monotonous. Every single day will be a new venture awaiting you to wake up. Getting a chance to plan, execute, travel and meeting new people every day, event management is a new cool and promising career. And the best part is that all that you plan you get to enjoy and be a part of. Whether it’s a fest, concert, fashion show or a corporate event, you plan, coordinate and attend.

The event-filled life will involve decision making regarding design, budget, location, catering, entertainment, theme, task allotting, security and a lot more. Every event is like a project with the same objectives of assessing the client’s needs and delivering it. From multi-tasking, innovative spirit, last minute fixing, to engaging personality, an event manager develops these skills soon enough. If you already have them, the event management will be the right choice to tap your talent.

Brands have cultivated an interest in advertising through events instead of print or digital media. Reaching a massive crowd without being obvious promotional strategy events are successful in serving businesses advertising. Event management is a more impactful and targeted promotional campaign.

As an event manager one has to research the brand, their audience, and figure out the most suitable option for their business. After the initial concept is formulated, and the client approves, the actual event organization begins. Depending on the nature of the event there are different requirements. Studying Event Management professionally gives vast knowledge about the apt manner of working on an event.

For event management, not one but countless categories of managers, artists, coordinators, and planners are needed.

Scope In Event Management

Event Management is a career path that is never going to be outdated. With the growing interest of every sector infests, parties, banquets, social gathering, celebrity events, fashion shows event management has a far and wide scope. A skilled manager is the only requirement for beating the competition around. Nobody wants a non – trained event manager for their big day. Whether be wedding planning, ramp show, concert or a business event, it’s a single day show.

Professionally learning and possessing a credible certificate course in event management raises the bar for the entire industry. An event manager is a multi-talented individual who can negotiate, strategies, budget, design, analyze, and think out of the box. One day you work for a professional trade fair and next day you’re organizing a fanfest, then seminars, film trailer launch or music releases, workshops.

As the world is going crazy for hyped events and for social gatherings everyone wants something inimitable, event management is growing into a multi-billion industry. All over the world over crores and more events are being held, all needing a master event management team.

Every single event host needs a team that can smoothly bring alive the concept that was put forward to them. And it’s not easy to organize events catering to different sections of the society without having a professional management background.

With the increasing turnover of the industry in India and abroad and everyday profits, Event management is never going to have a dry phase. Each passing day is only making things more challenging and thus rewarding for the organizers.

Whether you want to open your own event managing company or become a part of an established team, getting trained by experts in the field is a must. Himalayan Buzz Institute of Event Management is the right place to take the first step to a bright future as a maestro event manager!

Career Options in Event Management

Event management involves a lot of professionals for every managerial task.

Here are a few jobs in Event Management:

  • Event Planner
  • Event Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Celebrity Manager
  • Catering Services Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Creative Head
  • Event Analyst
  • Event Consultant
  • Tourism Manager
  • Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Analyst

Study Center:  105, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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