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Himachal’s first International Airport to be constructed at Nerchauk, Mandi

CM Jayram Thakur made the announcement during the press release, stating project of constructing a new international airport terminal at Nerchauk, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Scrutinising team from the centre will soon take up the task of assessing the parameters for airport construction at the site. The exact location of the site is near Nerdhangu.

While making the announcements, CM Jayram Thakur said that it has been his dream to see aircraft take off and land in Himachal. The decision whether or not to construct an airport will solely be the decision of government hereafter. Until date, only talks were made regarding improving the tourism sector of the state. Contrary to the previous ruling parties, the present government is taking real steps to make theories turn reality. A new helicopter taxi service between Manali Rohtang for Vaishnodevi pilgrimage will also be part of the plans. Government helicopters will serve as the heli-taxi for the travellers. Light and sound show at various sites of Shimla will also be organised starting soon. All these steps will eventually transform the tourism industry of the state.

Further adding, CM, said that whether it is water shortage of Shimla or Kasauli issue, the government will take stern steps to resolve the matters. He mentioned the politics evolving around these environmental crisis. According to the statements, it was pointed out that the previous government did little to address the water shortage in Shimla. The issue has turned up to become a serious problem now, for which the responsibility is on the shoulders of the ex-government of state. About 25% of water supply to the hill station was going waste flowing off. The government has filed a petition about the harvest of apple.



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