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Garhwal-Kumaon Kandi Road to be started again after decades

Trivendra Rawat had promised the state that if he comes to power it will be his first step for the state welfare that he’d start the Kandi Road. Now that he has taken the oath of office along with his cabinet members, he will be soon passing the bill for the operation of the Laldhang – Kotdwar – Kala Garh –  Ramnagar motor road is commonly known as the Kandi Road.

This road has been barricaded since decades and that led to the local community facing a lot of transportation problems. Simple journeys became arduous and had to be completed by traversing difficult terrains. The Kandi Road is a straight connecting link between Haridwar and Nainital. The distance between Kalagadh and Haridwar is 76 km while it is merely 70 km to Haldwani.

In spite of this in the present day, one has to travel a long distance and also pass through Uttar Pradesh. This increases the length of time for the journey and also the amount of taxes levied on the Uttarakhand transportation. The Kandi Road was closed after the formation of the Corbett National Park. The road is now closed to the common public. This has increased the distance between the regions of Uttarakhand.

Cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat has already begun the negotiations with the Forest department and Public welfare department. A meeting has been scheduled between the pioneer members of these departments on 21st March, Tuesday. Trivendra Rawat has assured the people that the work will be soon started. Feedbacks from officers and other stakeholders will be the first step for starting the Kandi Road.

Political critics have said that even more important is that the state government presents the case in the courts with a strong persuading point. The reason behind this is that the Kandi Road connects the Garhwal and Kumaon region. Ample politics and diplomacy have overshadowed the operation of Kandi Road. Even in the British and the preceding government’s rule, there have been many movements and agitations for the restart of Kandi Road. However, nothing could be achieved. If the BJP party intends to come up with their promises then they need to be very firm for doing the impossible task of restarting the road that connects the Ramnagar and Kalagadh districts.

If achieved then restarting of the Kandi Road will be one of the biggest and historic milestones in the success story of the Bharatiya Janta Party rule in Uttarakhand.



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