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We don’t need natural disasters as our own people are enough to destroy the hills

It was the mid of June.  I was in one of my favourite cities, Dehradun. I went to the Mussoorie road to see the beauty of nature and to breathe in the fresh air but whatever I saw there was extremely disappointing. A number of Maggie points have been opened on the sides of the Mussoorie road. They throw away all the waste generated by them down the roads. They have turned the space behind every Maggie point into a dumping zone which is a black spot on the beauty of the city. It is not just about Dehradun. Every city of Uttarakhand is facing the same problem.

Recently I came across a few pictures which I have posted where some teenagers are cooking mutton in the beautiful lush green peaks of George Everest. In the pictures, it is clearly visible how these activities have ruined the beauty of this eco-sensitive zone. They throw away all garbage there and then leave the place after taking selfies. They take a lot of pride in posting such pictures on social media as though they have done something great. These are the so called educated youth of our society, whom we expect to be more civilised and who would educate people about not polluting the environment. But what we actually see is completely opposite to our expectation.

Just pay a visit to Sahastradhara and Maal Devta area or Dehradun you will find  boys roaming around with beer bottles and chips packets and after consuming the beer, they break the bottles there itself. And if you dare question them about it, they would simply reply that they are enjoying themselves. You can’t find a neat and clean place sit for a few minute to feel the nature. The situation is worsening in all areas of the state.

We have to think where our new generation is heading? We are lacking something in our education system due to which we are producing just literate but not educated and sensible individuals.



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