Ranji Trophy match at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Dehradun

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium was inaugurated recently and is soon going to witness its first historical match. Sources say that the final rounds of discussion and meetings have finalized it for the upcoming Ranji Trophy matches. IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla has already accepted and sanctioned Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium

Haridwar Converted Into A Dumping Ground After Kanwar

The Kanwar pilgrims did complete their Yatra & returned, but left 2400 metric ton of garbage behind. The water sources and other areas have been highly polluted. Ganga river banks have heaps of garbage everywhere you see. The entire atmosphere seems polluted and local people are facing a lot of

Missing Girl Found In Haridwar: Her Story Would Make You Cry

Under the rescue operation 'Smile' police found Nasim Jahan, a missing girl, from Sambhal. She started crying bitterly while talking about how she was caught in the vicious circle of begging. The police found her in Haridwar. Policemen from Kaliyar Police station were checking around the Kaliyar Dargah and found