Virat And Anushka Arrive For New Year Holidays At Dehradun

Anushka Shrama & Virat Kohli in Dehradun for New Year Holidays

India's hottest celebrity couple Virat and Anushka have always kept their relationship under covers. They have been seen together in various exotic locations. But they have never validated their personal relationship truths. Even after the World Cup trolling the rumored pair did not part ways under societal pressure. This if the truth

Salman Khan meets Ali Haji

Partner turned out in 2007 and was a noteworthy hit for both Salman Khan and Govinda. While the two stars' manly relationship was the highlight of the film, Salman had another accomplice in wrongdoing, the film's kid performing artist Ali Haji. The on-screen character played Rohan, Lara Dutta's child in