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Ashok Spa and Resort : Best resort in Dehradun

A dream vacation needs three things the location, you and a palatial resort! When you finally spare out time to escape from your office cabins it’s only an extravagant resort that can treat you right. After spending your day in aesthetic, and serene locations of Dehradun you need to come back to somewhere that can supersede it. What better than staying at a place that makes you feel still enjoying the cliff top or by the beach? Be it luxurious cottages, beach-like poolside or lip-smacking meals, The Ashok Spa and Resort aces all.

Spacious villas, themed buffets, alluring interiors and a gorgeous location are few of the attractions of the world-class, Ashok Spa and Resort. Lose yourself in a relaxing detox Spa and head for a fun-filled supper by the poolside. Away from the bustling city but yet perfectly connected by transportation, the resort has a perfect location. The Ashok Spa and Resort, Dehradun provides their guests with the finest services, redefining luxury.

Meals at your hotel not to your taste made you settle for Nutella last time? Outdoor grills, barbecues, live tandoors and gourmet meals, you’ll get all of it. The Stranger’s Café is the section of the resort that will bring the two loves of your life. One is the café and the other would be what your luck holds! The epicurean restaurant serves you infinite choices and even custom meals. No more cup noodles or omelets because you are away from home.


Whether your plan is for a destination wedding, or night pool party the thematic decors will match your ideas. Luxurious Cabana or Caribbean theme for your lunch party or live cooking by poolside for your corporate event, Ashok Spa and Resort has what you name.

The Epicurean restaurant looks like out of a Shakespeare book with the wooden interiors and lofty sofas. Banquet halls of Ashok Spa and resort are just replicas from the royal palace. The villas are themselves exotic locations and beyond what stars could rate. Outside view from each villa is a different sight to behold.

The spic and span rooms will make you fall in love with the place. Luxurious cottages look like a serene countryside. The beach huts and dainty furniture make the poolside the perfect place to propose or party!


You can check the availability of. the four kinds of villas or cottages from the website and make reservations. The cottages are relaxing, full-fledged and uncluttered. There are 4 kinds of villas each with its set of features and benefits to offer:

Standard Villa and Superior Villa

With a capacity of 2 adult and 2 kids, the Standard villas and Superior villas are located on the cliff side of the resort. A 580 Sqft spacious villa with a comfy bed, superior interiors and picturesque location is what will make your vacation memorable. They start from 200$ and 400$ a night respectively. The villas have a fully equipped multimedia system, free WiFi, and many additional benefits. You will have your own mini bar and relaxing sauna and jacuzzi. Other than that you can enjoy your favorite shows on a 50″ LCD TV and 5:1 sound system.

Infinity Pool Side Villa

Ever wanted to experience beach destinations and hill station at the same place? The gigantic Infinity Pool Side Villa at Ashok Spa and Resort gives you direct access to the beach and personal pool. You get all the benefits of the Superior Villa on a bigger scale. A 24-hour butler service will make you crave for the same hospitality at every hotel. The size of the Infinity Pool Side Villa is around 980 Sq ft and accommodates 6 guests. You get all this for 600$ a night and is worth every penny.

Presidential Villa

The highest grade in villas, Presidential Villa is what dreams are made of. Colossal villa of 1580 Sq ft with the most elite interiors is what will take care of your expectations. It allows 8 guests, has 2 King beds, soft and appealing interior decor and access to infinity pool and beach. The location of Presidential Villa is such that you stay on the cliff next to the beach! Just like the other three even in this case you get the jacuzzi, sauna, free WiFi, multimedia system and a lot more extras. The butler service will be there for you 24 hours and you’ll be paying 1200$ a night for all of the above.

Banquets Halls

There are three Banquet halls namely,180° Degree, Emperor and Moments at the Ashok Spa and Resort. Each has its own set of irresistible features. The thatched roof gives an overview of the lush lawns from the 180 Degree Banquet hall. You can arrange events for over 2500 guests in the lawn area. Emperor Hall is centrally air-conditioned. There are modern features such as thermostatic buffet counters to take it a level up. Finally, Moments Banquet Hall is perfect for the small get together. At a time you can have 25-30 guests enjoying high-class buffet and bar by the poolside.


Live cooking, outdoor grills during pool party or healthy salads after your spa all taste lip smacking. Fusion meals and the custom menu is their specialty. The sumptuous menu has everything you ever wanted to eat from around the world.


It has a capacity for 22 guests at a time. You can see the hills of Mussoorie while enjoying a heavenly meal. Other than that you can see your food getting prepared in the satellite kitchen. The epicurean restaurant offers authentic meals such as hummus, mezze platters, and unique savories like bharwan khumb, and walnut paneer tikka.

Stranger’s Café

The steampunked theme cafe with its hefty interiors will wake up the energy monster in you. Overstuffed tables, rusted metal designs, fancy seating furniture and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will tickle your senses. The patisserie offers soft fresh bread, in-house goat cheese, French baguette, and sandwiches like no other. They have recently got a new cake menu which is a must try. You can invite and have up to 14 guests sipping warm coffee, munching burritos and adoring the hills.

Recreational activities and Spa

The rejuvenating Spa therapy at Ashok Spa and resort is a must for any holiday escape. Experts in the profession have been employed by the hotel to provide you the best therapies. Every trace of stress and anxiety will leave your body after the soothing Spa.

Staff and Services

The staff and their hospitality play a vital role to make everything happen in the right way. From the chefs to the butler none will give you a chance to complain. The warmest hospitality along with pioneer infrastructure is what you’ll get to live in during your stay. The gourmet chefs will listen to your every appetite temptation and get you exactly what you asked. Spa professionals will rob your aches and acne. Security staff ensures your carefree stay.

Your bucket list can have the wish of staying at The Ashok Spa and Resort!



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