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Amit Singh Jubble: How a Hotel Management Graduate became the Head at Sabyasachi

Earnest desire and relentless effort get you anything that you perceive. Amit Singh Jubble is one such living examples of how passion directs destiny. Even after completing his formal course in hotel management he went on to become the head at India’s premium designer Sabyasachi. Himalayan buzz team got a chance to interact with him and learn about his journey up till now.

First of all please tell our readers about your education and childhood.

Basically, I am from Tehri, Garhwal. But my father used to work in BHEL Haridwar, so I spent my childhood there. Later we moved to Dehradun. There I did my graduation in Hotel management from Ram Institute of Hotel Management Dehradun.

You have a degree in Hotel Management, what brought you to the fashion industry?

Actually, I never thought of working in the fashion industry. I had a friend at the time when I was living in Delhi after my graduation. She wanted to make her career in glamor field. I came to Mumbai just to accompany her. When I reached, I started getting compliments and why I didn’t model. I am pahadi so good looks and well-built body is genetic for us. It isn’t a big thing at least for us. I hail from a middle class family and my first priority was to get a good job and financial stability.

But people in Mumbai kept telling me to try modeling. Finally, I took the proposal and walked for a well-known designer Krishna Mehta many times. That’s how it started.

Interesting! how you started. So after that did you start doing regular shows and shoot?

No, not really because I told you already I was more focused on the job. I worked for ICICI bank in initial days, I was giving my 100% to my job only. But eventually one of my friends referred me for the campaign of PETA for their event. That was the first time when PETA was taking non-celebrity face for their campaign. That was a great memory, my hoardings were all over the city for the biggest event of PETA India. And meanwhile, I did a few shows and shoots as well.

How did you meet Sabyasachi, how he gave you employment?

Actually, while I was doing my job I thought of starting my own business. So, I started a brand of ethnic men’s wear label. I met Sabyasachi eventually, around 11 years ago. He liked my personality and he offered me a job while I had no experience in fashion. I moved to Kolkata where the production of Sabyasachi is based. I gave my 100% and soon I became HOD of Production. Later I moved to Mumbai as store head and since then I am working here only.

How is the experience working for the renowned Sabyasachi?

It’s excellent, beyond words. He is an amazing hardworking guy. He doesn’t come from a rich background, he is self-made. Sabyasachi works for 16 hours each day and every design get passes through him, even Sabyasachi brand become a no.1 brand in India, yet he is Very calm and very focused, mainly designing Indian wear, he is the one who brought Indian style into mainstream fashion. If you recall 20 years back hardly any designers used to think about designing sarees. Using uncommon colors, marketing strategy, finishing and designing Sabya brought up the culture. Despite being the biggest fashion designer in India, he is very down to earth and humble and takes care of his staff.

Do you ever think you should have continued in the Hotel Industry? If no then why?

No not at all. I am privileged to work in fashion industry for Sabyasachi. See this the place where I get self-satisfaction, which is important for me. When I get appreciated and trusted for my work, it makes me feel good. The second thing I am head of Mumbai store so I meet Bollywood celebrities, businessmen, NRIs on a daily basis. They share their struggle, and experiences so it also helps me in my work and personal life.

You are handsome, have you modeled for Sabyasachi?

Being handsome doesn’t make you a model. Models have some certain qualities to be successful. But yes I have walked for our label many times. And I really loved it.

You are very attached to your roots, what do you feel about the current condition of villages?

Mass migration is a threat to Uttarakhand. It will kill the native pahadi culture and identity. I feel hopeless when I see government, not able to understand and not able to tackle this problem. I worry within a few years there will be no human in many of the parts of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand, as well as our neighboring state Himachal, has its own different kind of jewelry. Have you ever thought of bringing it into mainstream fashion?

Yes, we are already doing it. Recently we have introduced Pahadi Nath in our label and it made me feel proud when people loved it.

What difference do you find in youngsters of Dehradun and Mumbai?

In Dehradun youth have big houses, and big cars and they just love to roam around the city. Chilling at Mussoorie, riding their activas or sitting in café spending  While it’s not easy to live in Mumbai. Everybody has to work for their bread and butter.

Any plan to return back from Mumbai?

Yes. If some political party give me a ticket in Uttarkashi😄lol…only for Nagar panchayat want to start from small where I can connect locals ) because I feel one strong politician can change a lot and I want to start from my village. And Yes, it’s true that I want to contribute to development in Uttarakhand. I want to do something for the people of my state. So this is the best possible way!




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