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7 Rejuvenating Home Hair Spas For Harsh Winters

As winters are setting in hair care is a major issue. As the chilled weather leads to loss of softness of hair and hair fall rate increases. The hair become pointy and roots pain due to the hardness. Dandruff is another mind boggling issue. However, these spas will surely be effective for taking care of hair during winters.

1. Avocado milk mask

Avocados are also known as butter fruits. They have a high lipid content rich is very good for your hair. Especially during winters when hair becomes brittle and dry a creamy mask is the best rescue.
It is very easy to prepare and can be stored for days together. All one needs is avocados and milk. First, pulp out the avocados and dice them and add milk in a grinder. Grind until lathery paste forms. Apply 2-3 hours before going for the shower. Perks of using this mask is that it is an excellent hydration and it can be used over face and other body parts. It has long lasting effects from a fortnight to even a month.

2. Honey mask

Honey is known as the pioneer for any moisturisation. It makes hair shiny and soft. It is used mostly during treatments for producing ultra smooth hair. However, honey is a very viscous fluid and has no cleansing action when used externally. Honey has medicinal properties which have been researched since long.
Honey mask is best effective when used with lime (ideally gooseberry juice). This mask needs not be applied all along hair length. The methodology is simple to take a spoonful of honey and squeeze 4-5 drops of lime juice. It has to be gently massaged on hair roots and scalp. A shower with a organic mild shampoo helps lock the effects obtained.

3. Onion mask

Onions have a high sulphur content. Sulphur is a very important component of proteins. Onion mask can be used to give your hair that extra bounce and strength. The oxalic acid content of the onion juice is known to treat dandruff, which is a major problem during winters. Onion has a pungent odour and causes eyes to water. But no pain no gain!!
This is simplest of all in terms of preparation. Simply take an onion and chop it into small cubes and pound it to a paste. Apply this on the scalp and all along the hair length to the hair ends. This also seals the split ends by repairing the proteins which might have got denatured.

4. Curd mask

Curd has an excellent probiotic content which helps enhance almost every biological process. Curd also has a high amount of lactic acid which is formed by bacterial action. These probiotics and natural acid work wonder for your hair. The longer it is kept the better it works, a good way of utilising the leftovers. This also works as a natural hair straightener. So it gives a damage undoing effect and detangles the stressed wavy hair.
Curd to be used should ideally be kept standing in a refrigerator for a day after it is set. It has to be applied strand by strand from the hair root to the tips. Some lime juice can be added to enhance the cleansing action. Later it has to be washed off. Avoid going in the sun immediately after using this mask as it takes the time to release the natural oils from the scalp.

5. Aloe Vera mask

Aloe vera has remarkable anti-bacterial properties despite being a great moisturiser. Aloe vera gel or extract is the component of almost 70% of the beauty products. It can grow with least care because it belongs to the cacti family.
Aloe vera gel is very bitter and has anti-inflammatory properties. It works as a natural medicine for hair. Simply tear along the line of an aloe vera leaf and using a spoon spool out the gooey gel and apply it on your head. After keeping for about 2-3 hours wash using lukewarm water. It even treats infections.

6. Hibiscus mask

Hibiscus flowers are the components of most beauty products especially hair care products. This is because of their high anti-oxidant content. Antioxidants help reverse ageing effects of any kind by reducing harmful radicals forming in our body. Hair is exposed to a lot of pollutants every day. Hibiscus also helps heal any irritation of the scalp or itching. The tired hair roots also heal.
Hibiscus mask can either be directly using the flower or an ideal substitute with added benefits is the sour Iranian tea – hibiscus tea. For the flower mask simply pound about 4-5 flowers depending on your hair length and apply the paste. Milk can be added as a moisturiser. For the tea mask first take about three tea bags and boil them and let the extract cool. It can be prepared at night and used the next morning. As the tea will be highly fluid to be applied using hands so a dropper can be used to directly apply it.


7. Tomato mask

Tomatoes have a high tartaric acid content. Vitamin A content is rich and it is known to promote good hair growth. Tomato pulp is a very effective hydrating agent and absorbs very quickly into the scalp.
Simply tomato juice can be applied to the scalp to treat dandruff, brittleness and dullness. Tomato pulp can also be used for better results. This mask doesn’t need a shampoo to be rinsed. Gently washing with lukewarm water leaves your hair lush and shiny.

A good oiling is a must before washing with any harsh shampoo. Take off your scarfs and boring bun styles fearing your sticky winter hair. Go out and flaunt your hair like a pro even in winters using these easy remedies

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